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Racing Seats for Big Guys

In our business, one of the most common questions we hear is, “Do you have racing seats for big guys?”  Let me assure you that we do!  Here are some tips to find the right racing seat for our big (and tall) brothers and sisters. Tall Driver Challenges Let’s break down “big guy racing seat” […]

Corbeau Predator Racing Seat

The new Corbeau Predator Racing Seat was announced by Corbeau today.  This seat represents their first-ever designed entirely by computer-aided design.  The Predator seat features  advanced engineering, manufacturing, and FEA technology, producing one of the stiffest racing seats available within the market place. Corbeau Predator Racing Seat Construction This FIA 8862.2009 Homologated racing seat is a both […]

Vintage Racing Seats

Thanks for joining us for this review of vintage racing seats. Here are Racing Seats USA we pride ourselves on offering the very latest in racing seat technology. But just because offer the $11,000 OMP HTE ONE Racing Seat doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our racing roots. In fact, fully half the cars in our racing […]

Leather Seats

Read about our great selection of leather seats below or click here to shop leather seats now! Having been the Internet’s leading resource for high quality car seats for nearly 15 years, there are a few things we can say without reservation. One is this: When it comes to seat materials there is nothing that […]

Upgraded Side-By-Side UTV Seats? You Bet!

Side-by-side UTV’s are becoming the “must-have” toy of the decade.  I don’t know about where you live it seems that they are everywhere around here.  And, naturally, as soon as everyone has one the customization starts–mine has to be better than yours! When you’re making something uniquely yours it only makes sense to take a practical […]

RSU Partner Website EFISystemPro.Com Offer EFI, More

EFISystemPro.Com New customers to Racing-Seats-USA.Com (RSU) are sometimes surprised to learn that RSU is part of a much larger group of automotive performance websites called Cyberspace Automotive Performance, or CyberAuto. CyberAuto was actually the first auto parts business on the Internet back in 1993, and one of the very first e-commerce business of any kind. […]

The Racing-Seats-University Email List: A Good Thing!

You know how you sometimes sign up (or get signed up) for a mailing list and start getting like 3 emails a week? At first it’s not too bad but then it gets kind of tiresome. And you hesitate to unsubscribe because there might eventually be something worth reading? That’s not our mailing list. We […]

Video: Corbeau Forza Racing Seat

By Chris Myer Corbeau Forza Racing Seat Video Transcript: Welcome to CyberAuto TV! Today we’re going to take a look at the Corbeau Forza Racing Seat, one of the very most popular racing seats we sell on Racing-Seats-USA.Com! The Forza is a fixed-back racing seat with bolsters for lateral support in the thigh, kidney, and […]

Video: Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat

By Chris Myer Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat Video Transcript: Hey, Welcome to another episode of CyberAuto TV! Today we’re going to take a look at the Corbeau FX1 racing seat, one of the most cost-effective track-ready racing seats available today. This lightweight, fixed-back composite racing seat weighs in at only 19 pounds and has accomodations […]

Video: Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat

By Chris Myer Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat Video Transcript: Welcome to CyberAuto TV! Today we’re going to take a look at the Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat, a high-end touring car seat. The LG1 is a great seat for individuals who want show car looks but are not willing to sacrifice performance. The LG1 provides a […]