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Video: Comparing Corbeau Single- and Double-Locking Sliders

By Chris Myer

Comparing Corbeau Sliders Video Transcript:

Welcome to CyberAuto TV! Some of you have asked us to do an episode on The differences between the single- And double-locking Corbeau brackets. Well, here is that episode! This Corbeau Custom Bracket will allow you To bolt any Corbeau bottom-mount seat Directly into a 78-98 Ford Mustang. Like any Corbeau custom bracket It comes standard with the single-locking slider you see here. You can recognize this as a single-locker Because this side slides freely, While you have to use this lever to move the other side. Once the seat is mounted, these will obviously slide together But will only be locked in place by the one side.

Here we have the components to turn a Corbeau custom-mount bracket into double-locking version. You can see the locking mechanisms on both of these sliders And it requires this U-shaped bracket To unlock them simultaneously So that the seat can be slid from front to rear.

If you have a Corbeau Custom Bracket With single-locking sliders It is possible to buy just these components at Racing-Seats-USA.Com And convert your bracket to a double locker. Simply remove the four Grade-5 Fasteners Using a 7/16” ratchet and combination wrench Swap the sliders, install the unlocking handle And you’re done! Of course, it is much easier And far more cost effective To simply order your Corbeau Custom Bracket With the optional Double-Locking Sliders As you see here. Besides saving you a bit of work The cost of the upgrade is less than half The cost of the double-locking components if purchased separately.

Personally, I have never heard of a case Where a Corbeau single-locking slider Failed to lock the seat in place when correctly engaged. However, if you are using your Corbeau Seat For sanctioned racing or aggressive offroad driving The small cost of upgrading is worth The confidence gained at the race track, rock climbing event, or whatever your venue of choice might be. I hope this has been helpful! If you think of any other Automotive Performance questions that would be best solved by video, leave a comment And be sure to subscribe So you’ll be notified of more videos. Thanks again for visiting CyberAuto TV Where we bring performance to you!

Comparing Corbeau Single- and Double-Locking Sliders

Chris Myer Demonstrates Corbeau Single- and Double-Locking Sliders


  1. Paul Clark Paul Clark
    February 20, 2016    

    I notice that all of your pricing is for Pairs of Seats
    . Can I order just a single seat?

    • February 22, 2016    

      Thanks for asking, Paul! Yes, Corbeau has a policy of selling their reclining seats in pairs only. This is because they are built as a pair. The reclining mechanism is located on the left side of LHS seats and on the right side of RHS seats (exactly like you expect.)

      However, there are plenty of good reasons for wanting only a single seat and if the side on which the reclining mechanism is placed isn’t important, that generally makes it pretty easy for us to get you one. For example, if you wanted to put a Corbeau A4 into your new gaming station. The particular A4 you get might have the reclining mechanism on either side but either works, right?

      The bottom line is that whatever you might need please contact us at Racing-Seats-USA.com and we’re thrilled to accomodate. Being awesome for our customers is what we do!

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