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Video: Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat

By Chris Myer

Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat Transcript:

Welcome to CyberAuto TV! In this episode we’re going to take a look at this beautiful Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat and learn what makes this seat so incredibly popular both on the street and offroad.

Let’s jump right into things by taking a closer look underneath the XRS. To start with, the XRS is a suspension seat. The frame of the seat is heavy-duty steel tubing, and the occupant is literally suspended inside the seat by the military-grade suspension cords you see here. If that sounds comfortable, just wait until you sit in this seat. And take a look at the multiple mounting holes. The XRS includes mounting points for Corbeau’s custom-mount brackets. Adding these to your order allows you to bolt the XRS into virtually any year-make-or-model vehicle built in the last 50 years.

But since this seat is popular in the offroad market, Corbeau decided to increase the value for Jeep owners. These other holes allow you to bolt the XRS directly to the stock brackets in most CJ7’s and all YJ’s without the need for a bracket or adapter of any kind. The XRS also features this convenient map pouch in the seat back, which can help avoid unmanly direction-asking by those who have not yet acquired a GPS.

Suspension seats are not new for Corbeau. They have long dominated the suspension seat market with their popular Baja family of seats. The difference with the Baja XRS is that it is a reclining suspension seat. This means you get all of the benefit of suspension seating and still can select your seat back position from roughly 90 to almost 180 degrees.

The Corbeau Baja XRS is available in Black Vinyl with a Black Cloth Center as you see here, or in all Black Vinyl. Like most other Corbeau seats, it can be special-ordered in your choice of colors and materials, including leather, for an additional charge. Seat heaters, adjustable lumbar, and even anti-submarine harness slots are all available on the XRS as well. Visit Racing-Seats-USA.Com to learn more.

Regardless of your intended application, be sure to download the Baja XRS seat dimensions on Racing-Seats-USA.Com and compare them to the available space in your vehicle to ensure that they will fit. Remember that suspension seats will sit taller than your worn out stock seat, so consider both personal head-room as well as leg-room under the steering wheel.

If you’re not sure the Baja XRS is the right suspension seat for you, look at the other seats in Corbeau’s Baja line on Racing-Seats-USA such as the SS, JP, or RS. Or, if you don’t require a suspension seat, a seat like the Corbeau A4 or CR1 may be more to your liking.

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Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat

Chris Myer Presents the Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat

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