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Corbeau Predator Racing Seat

Corbeau Predator Racing Seat

Corbeau Predator Racing Seat

The new Corbeau Predator Racing Seat was announced by Corbeau today.  This seat represents their first-ever designed entirely by computer-aided design.  The Predator seat features  advanced engineering, manufacturing, and FEA technology, producing one of the stiffest racing seats available within the market place.

Corbeau Predator Racing Seat Images

More Corbeau Predator Racing Seat Images

Corbeau Predator Racing Seat Construction

This FIA 8862.2009 Homologated racing seat is a both a dramatic departure and broad step forward for Corbeau.  The company has long been a leader in the sport and off-road suspension seat market.  This new seat makes the brand competitive at the highest levels of racing.

The Corbeau Predator is constructed using pre-preg carbon-fiber composite materials cured inside a high-temperature / high-pressure autoclave.  This process dramatically reduces the amount of resin when compared to seats that are not constructed using this method.  As a result, the seat features more uniform mechanical properties, including a higher degree of thickness control.  By controlling thickness and improving repeatability,  both waste and weight are reduced while stiffness and driver protection are improved.

Jason Plato Endorses Corbeau Predator Racing Seat

Jason Plato Endorses Corbeau Predator Racing Seat

Corbeau Predator Racing Seat Endorsement

And while is not surprising that Corbeau is proud of this new seat, it comes with significant credibility with the endorsement of British Touring Car Champion Jason Plato.  “The new Predator, which was launched this weekend, is an amazing piece of kit. The incredible stiffness, comfort, and feel it gave me is a massive step forward in driver safety”, says Plato.  “Corbeau certainly knows what they are doing when it comes to driver protection.”  Glowing praise from the winningest driver in BTCC history.

Corbeau has not yet released pricing and availability information for the Predator Racing Seat but that is expected in the coming days.  Watch Racing Seats USA for more details.

Vintage Racing Seats

1970 Dodge Charger R/T

1970 Dodge Charger R/T

Thanks for joining us for this review of vintage racing seats. Here are Racing Seats USA we pride ourselves on offering the very latest in racing seat technology. But just because offer the $11,000 OMP HTE ONE Racing Seat doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our racing roots. In fact, fully half the cars in our racing stable now qualify for Historic Race Car qualification based on production year and we’re proud to be carrying on that tradition.

You see, who we are as racers today was defined by racers who have gone on before us. And because we have lost many of those racers we respect the efforts of those who keep their memory alive by restoring, maintaining, and yes, racing vintage race cars. We’re proud of all of the seats we sell and are especially honored when we are able to meet the needs of vintage race cars with the perfect vintage racing seat from OMP and Corbeau.

There isn’t a specific definition or profile for a vintage racing seat but they certainly did not have many of the features of modern racing seats. Things like halos and broad shoulder bolsters were right out. Heck, back in the day, many of these cars had no support even for the head, which is made a bit less surprising when you realize that the use of seat belts is a concept that only came into vogue about 50 years ago. So without any more adieu, let’s consider the seats that are available today to those who would restore a vintage race car.

Open Cockpit Cars

Who can’t appreciate the look of a classic open cockpit car, nimbly pressing its way through a challenging set of turns on some English countryside? These seats can work in other cars just as well, but are particularly suited to cars like the Triumph TR6, the Porsche 356, the MGA or the Austin-Healey “Bug-Eyed” Sprite, to name just a few. If you have one of these cars and are in the market for seats, we suggest the following:

OMP Silverstone Vintage Racing Seat

OMP Silverstone Vintage Racing Seats

OMP Silverstone Vintage Racing Seat
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OMP Silverstone Pricing

The OMP Silverstone Vintage Racing Seat is an excellent place to start our journey. The Silverstone takes its design cues from the classic Porsche 356 GT seat, but is able to do so in more refined, genteel way. It resembles the early Recaro sport seat but without the Recaro’s head rest. This seat has absolutely no head support and, as such should never be used on the street and only in very controlled situations where the risks are limited and understood. However, for those vintage race cars that use a similar styling it is the ideal seat to recreate that look in a seat that is thoroughly modern in construction and is comfortable to both the wallet and the backside. Note: There is limited U.S. stock of this Italian-made vintage OMP seat. Lead times may vary.

1960’s Vintage Cars

One of the biggest changes moving into the 1960’s was the introduction of Japanese-made sports cars. Japan had moved through it’s initial post-war period and in the late 50’s auto manufacturers were at a point where they could introduce true sports cars to what had been a fairly utilitarian offering. Styling cues came from the classic European sports cars but Japanese designers added their own twist. Headrests were becoming more common as drivers realized the apparent need for head support. Builders looking for a period-correct seat for their 60’s Nissan Skyline, AC Cobra, Alfa Romeo Spider, Ford Mustang, or Dodge Challenger might consider these seats.

Corbeau Classic II Vintage Racing Seat

Corbeau Classic II Vintage Racing Seats

Corbeau Classic II Vintage Racing Seat
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Corbeau Classic II Pricing

The Corbeau Classic II Vintage Racing Seat is resembles most of the racing seats of this era. Shorter than today’s seats but with an added adjustable headrest that will provide head support for all but very tall drivers. The design, too, is reflective of that era, with a bottom that very nearly mirrors the back. Although this is a fixed-back seat (as were so many of this era) this is a very inviting, comfortable seat. It features the Corbeau bottom-mount bracket fixing so any of the Corbeau brackets will work great for this seat.

OMP Brands Hatch Vintage Racing Seat

OMP Brands Hatch Vintage Racing Seats

OMP Brands Hatch Vintage Racing Seat
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OMP Brands Hatch Pricing

Younger (or less international) racing fans may think that “Brands Hatch” is a strange name for a racing seat. But fans of Grand Prix racing of the 60’s and 70’s will immediately recognize this name. Brands Hatch Motor Racing Circuit outside of Kent, England is one of the world’s great classic race tracks. The British Grand Prix was held there for 12 consecutive years starting in 1964, and continues to be a fan favorite for it’s spectacular vistas. Similarly, the Brands Hatch vintage racing seat is a beautiful head-turner, with much to like. Quilted-look faux leather outer with a grippy black velvet inner is an immediate attention grabber. Deep bucketing and adjustable headrest are valued driver ammenities as well. This vintage racing seat looks fantastic in a broad range of cars and will be the ideal complement to an otherwise perfect 60’s muscle or sports car. Note: There is limited U.S. stock of this Italian-made vintage OMP seat. Lead times may vary.

1970’s Vintage Cars

Continuing a trend that started in the 1960’s, vehicles built in the 1970’s were heavier, more powerful, and faster than their earlier counterparts. Because of this, the seats had to do a better job of protecting the driver. Even deeper “bucketing” became the norm.

Corbeau Classic Bucket Seat

Corbeau Classic Bucket Seats

Corbeau Classic Bucket Seat
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Corbeau Classic Bucket Pricing

Just look at the Corbeau Classic Bucket Seat. All by itself, even without a car in sight, this seat has you thinking of that amazing 70’s muscle car that you or one of your friends had. You can almost hear the break in the song in your head as the 8-track player searches for the next track (or consumes your best Three Dog Night tape, whichever came first.) Fortunately, you can relive the 70’s without the old-technology blues because this seat by US seat maker Corbeau features absolutely state-of-the-art construction. 70’s in appearance, this seat has a strong steel tube-frame design. With sides the wrap you into the seat and an adjustable headrest, it’s not difficult to get comfortable in this seat. Like the Classic, II, the Corbeau Classic Bucket has the Corbeau bottom fixing points, which means that adapters are available to fit this into literally hundreds of different year/make/model combinations.

OMP Classic Vintage Racing Seat

OMP Classic Vintage Racing Seats

OMP Classic Vintage Racing Seat
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OMP Classic Pricing

We will conclude this review of vintage racing seats the way we started: one final seat from Italian seat maker OMP. The OMP Classic Vintage Racing Seat draws it’s inspiration from the early Recaro Sports Seat. In the day, these were the seats that only the elite or wealthy drivers could afford but now they are available at a price that is within just about anyone’s reach. With it’s long, lean design, this is a much taller seat than any of the others on this page therefore better suited to taller drivers. Like the other OMP vintage racing seats, this seat features a faux leather vinyl outer with a sturdy black velvet inner. It has bottom mounting points that work well with Planted Technology brackets. Note: There is limited U.S. stock of this Italian-made vintage OMP seat. Lead times may vary.

Leather Seats

Read about our great selection of leather seats below or
click here to shop leather seats now!

Corbeau A4 Black Leather Seats

Corbeau A4 Black Leather Seats

Having been the Internet’s leading resource for high quality car seats for nearly 15 years, there are a few things we can say without reservation. One is this: When it comes to seat materials there is nothing that beats leather. The look, the feel, the ability to resist wear and spills, even the smell when you get in a car with leather seats make it the best. Unfortunately, some buyers do not consider leather seats because of price concerns.  Racing-Seats-USA offers a broad selection of seats available in leather and there are leather seat models for every taste and budget.  Thank you for joining me on this quick tour of  leather seats that you can find on Racing-Seats-USA.

Entry-Level Price With Race Styling

The Corbeau A4 in black leather (shown above) has a lot to like in what is a very reasonably-priced leather seat. The cloth version of this seat is hugely popular among customers who are looking for an aggressively sporty profile with passages for a multi-point harness and bolstering in the thigh and lower back region. But when you add leather, the A4 takes on an entirely different dimension. Suddenly a car that looked at home trackside or at a local enthusiast meet now gains comfort in a more refined concours setting. And at a price that is incredibly reasonable. Similar to the CR1 in styling and pricing but with a slightly wider stance is the Corbeau CR1 Black Leather Seat.

Leather Seats With Traditional Styling

Corbeau Sport Seat Black Leather

Corbeau Sport Seat Black Leather

Maybe a racing seat isn’t what you are looking for–certainly, not everyone is. And that is why the Corbeau Sport Seat is also a big seller. The Sport Seat is perfect for those individuals who are not looking to add a set of racing harnesses to their car, truck, or SUV. Fully reclining and with adjustable headrest, this seat offers all of the features you expect in a top quality automotive seat. But, as with the A4, when you add leather, it takes on a whole new personality. As soon as you slide into the Sport Seat’s comfortable yet solid grip and smell the fragrance of tanned leather, you know you’ve arrived. If you like this seat but desire a bit more bolstering, consider the Corbeau GTS II Black Leather Seat.

Leather Seats For Bigger Drivers

Corbeau VX2000 Black Leather Seat

Corbeau VX2000 Black Leather Seat

Ok, let’s face it: Not everyone who wants a leather seat is this svelte 20-year-old who doesn’t mind sitting hours at a time in a highly-bolstered, confining racing seat. Sometimes you just need a seat you can be yourself in. And the Corbeau VX2000 Black Leather Seat is just that seat. Comfortable for drivers of any size, this seat suits drivers up to 42-44 inches in waist size.

But you’re not giving up a single thing by going to the VX2000. This full-reclining seat has head-turning styling and features harness-belt pass-throughs in the event you need those. In fact, this seat is unique among the many excellent tube-frame reclining seats that we offer in that is has an injection-molded composite back. If you are looking for a leather racing seat but don’t want to be restricted by dimensions that don’t fit, give the VX2000 a look.

Leather Seats from Sparco

Sparco R600 Black Leather Seat

Sparco R600 Black Leather Seat

When you are going for top-of-the-line, when budget takes a back seat to European styling, when the biggest brand name matters, then go for Sparco. The Sparco R600 Black Leather Seat is handcrafted in Italy and features a modern design that is bold yet understated, sleek yet subtle, and without peer in its class. Sparco has replaced the notchy lever-style reclining mechanism with a smooth, continuously adjustable knob that sets you exactly where you want. It is an engineering masterpiece. Whether you are building a show-quality European touring car or if you simply demand something more from your seat, the Sparco R600 in Black Leather will not disappoint.

Shopping for Leather Seats

Leather seat Filter SelectionIf you’ve ever tried to shop for leather seats on any other website then you know what a challenge that can be.  Because leather is such a big part of our business, we sought to make this process a lot less challenging. That is why we added seat material as a filter for our seat offerings. This means you can view all reclining seats and then narrow the selection to just those seats that are available in leather.  So, by making the box check shown at right, you can produce the results shown below:

Reclining leather seats available at Racing-Seats-USA.

Reclining leather seats available at Racing-Seats-USA.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of leather seats on Racing-Seats-USA. Please drop me a note below and let me know what you think.

Upgraded Side-By-Side UTV Seats? You Bet!

Corbeau SXS Pro Seats in Polaris RZRSide-by-side UTV’s are becoming the “must-have” toy of the decade.  I don’t know about where you live it seems that they are everywhere around here.  And, naturally, as soon as everyone has one the customization starts–mine has to be better than yours!

When you’re making something uniquely yours it only makes sense to take a practical approach.  A set of shiny wheels look good but they are limited in what they can actually do for you. Corbeau must have known that and so they came out with an upgrade that couldn’t be more useful in a sport that has you spending extended amounts of time riding over rough terrain: side-by-side UTV Seats for the Rhino, RZR, and Wildcat!

Corbeau SXS Pro Seat for  Polaris RZR, Arctic Cat Wildcat

Polaris RZR with Corbeau SXS Pro Seats

Polaris RZR with Corbeau SXS Pro Seats

Corbeau SXS Pro Seat Black Vinyl for Polaris RZR

Corbeau SXS Pro Seat Black Vinyl for Polaris RZR

Okay–I admit it.  I’m sold on the SXS Pro.  But once you put a set of these in your RZR or Wildcat you are going to feel the same way. While the original RXP seat for the Rhino is fantastic, this seat just goes beyond in both styling and technology.  Corbeau put all of their considerable talent into designing what is probably the ultimate side-by-side seat.

Corbeau SXS Pro Seat Black Vinyl for Arctic Cat Wildcat

Corbeau SXS Pro Seat Black Vinyl for Arctic Cat Wildcat

The SXS Pro seat comes with all hardware required to make this a direct bolt-in to the Polaris RZR.  It is also available with a special bracket that will allow this fantastic seat to be bolted directly into the Wildcat with only common handtools.  Installations into other Side-By-Side vehicles are probable but will require some level of engineering.

The support in the SXS Pro seat comes from injection-molded foam.  While this doesn’t provide quite the damage control of the RXP Suspension Seat, it more than makes up for it in aggressive styling.  Injection molding means that this seat will give years of use under harsh conditions where a seat made from cut foam would normally fail.

And look at those harness slots.  Rather than just a hole through which the harness belts pass, these heavily reinforced slots both protect the seat and provide additional support of the harness belts during aggressive driving.

Corbeau thought of everything, even including a drain hold that allows water to drain from the seat rather than pooling in the bottom.  Since Corbeau uses a waterproof seat cover, that means no more soggy bottom syndrome when your UTV is caught in a sudden downpour.

And, maybe most importantly, look at that lateral bolstering in the thigh, lumbar, and shoulder region.  These seats really hold you in place.  You know what work it is to keep yourself upright when driving aggressively.  This seat lets your energy and focus remain on driving–where it should be.

Read more about the Corbeau SXS Pro RZR/Wildcat Seat

Corbeau Apex Seat for  Polaris RZR, Arctic Cat Wildcat

Corbeau Apex Side-by-Side UTV Seat for Polaris RZR and Arctic Cat Wildcat

Polaris Ranger with Corbeau Apex Seats

I can give you plenty of reasons for deep, aggressive seat bolsters.  If you’re driving on the edge, beating over harsh terrain, and generally doing everything that the manual tells you not to do in your UTV, you’d better get all of the bolstering you can.

But if you are driving your side-by-side more sanely, deep bolsters can be a pain in the bottom (as well as other parts of your anatomy.) First they can be a challenge to the basic entry and exit of the seat if you are, shall I say, athletically challenged. There there is the simple fact that because bolsters stick out more, they tend to be the recipient of the sort of brushes and scrapes that can damage not only the cover but also the injection-molded foam underneath.

Corbeau Apex UTV Seat with Orange Accents

Corbeau Apex UTV Seat with Orange Accents

So, it was with you in mind that Corbeau designed their Apex UTV seat. This seat features a silhouette very similar to the factory seat but with just enough bolstering to keep you firmly planted in the seat in the event that you do get in the mix of things. Like the SXS Pro, it is available in all black or with white, orange, or silver accents that match the factory RZR colors. The material is the attractive carbon fiber vinyl that Corbeau has incorporated in all of their most recent seat designs.

But my real interest in the Apex is even far more practical.  You see, I’m sort of a clean freak when it comes to my toys.  I’m that guy that actually cleans his grill after each use so that it is all ready to go the next time I’m ready to cook.  And the Apex makes it easy.  Corbeau has incorporated a quick-release tab to the back of the seat that promises to let you remove and re-install the seat with no tools whatsoever.  So, rather than trying to carefully wash under the Apex, just pull it out, blast your ride with a hose, give the seat a complete once-over, and re-install.  Man, I love it!

Read more about the Corbeau Apex RZR/Wildcat Seat

Corbeau Bench Seats

Corbeau Baja Bench Seat for Side-By-Side UTV

Corbeau Baja Bench Seat for Side-By-Side UTV

Corbeau didn’t have to invent a good bench seat to suit the side-by-side UTV.  For years they are known as the source for the worlds finest suspension bench seats.  Countless thousands of these are already in the outback in Jeeps, mud buggies, rock crawlers, and more.

Corbeau’s Baja Bench Seats are available in 36-, 40- and 42-inch wide versions.  Not all seats will fit all side-by-sides, so if you are interested in adding one of these it is important to measure.  Brackets are available to mount these to any flat floor pan, but Corbeau offers a bracket for their 36-inch Bench that will allow the seat to be directly mounted into the Yamaha Rhino or Kawasaki Teryx.  A broad assortment of colors and materials are available.  Find out for information here:  Corbeau Baja Bench Seats

Corbeau Harness Belts for Side-By-Side UTV Seats

Corbeau Harness Belts for Side-By-Side UTV

Corbeau Harness Belts for Side-By-Side UTV

When you are ready to get serious in your UTV, you’d better first get serious about your safety.  While all of the brands offer some nominal safety features, for the hard-core offroader there are the Corbeau Harness Belts for UTVs.

This isn’t some warmed-over harness built for street tuners.  It features not only an aggressive 3-inch design with proven latch-and-link securing technology, but also an additional securing strap mid-chest.  While this normally isn’t necessary in a street vehicle, this chest strap provides an extra level of security when down, up, and sideways are all swapping places at high speed.

Corbeau didn’t sacrifice comfort here though.  These belts have built-in harness pads (try finding that on most street harnesses) and a reduced-size anti-submarine strap to prevent chafing of the more sensitive areas.

Recently Discontinued Corbeau RXP Seat for Yamaha Rhino

Sadly, shortly after we originally published this article, Corbeau suddenly discontinued the production of all products for the Yamaha Rhino.  No reason was given for this change in policy, but one can only imagine it might have been some sort of licensing disagreement.  Having dealt with Corbeau as long as we have, we can assure you that whatever happened that Corbeau took the high road in the situation and did the right thing.  Here is a look at those discontinued seats:


Corbeau has everything you need to not only dress-up of your Side-by-Side UTV, but make it a serious competitor.  Go for it!

RSU Partner Website EFISystemPro.Com Offer EFI, More


New customers to Racing-Seats-USA.Com (RSU) are sometimes surprised to learn that RSU is part of a much larger group of automotive performance websites called Cyberspace Automotive Performance, or CyberAuto. CyberAuto was actually the first auto parts business on the Internet back in 1993, and one of the very first e-commerce business of any kind. It includes several sibling websites that allow CyberAuto to offer a broad automotive performance buying experience to its loyal customers.

Recently, CyberAuto launched it’s new EFISystemPro.Com website. This amazing website is dedicated to providing an outstanding buying experience to customers who are interested in aftermarket electronic fuel injection (EFI.) As you can imagine, buying an EFI system is not a casual shopping experience for most users. There is a significant learning curve and we feel that EFISystemPro.Com puts together the information in a manner that makes it much easier. Plus we offer the same outstanding customer service that you’ve come to expect on RSU.

So, if you are in the market for a Holley EFI system, or if you are just interested, be sure to take a look and let us know what you think.

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Video: Corbeau Forza Racing Seat

By Chris Myer

Corbeau Forza Racing Seat Video Transcript:

Welcome to CyberAuto TV! Today we’re going to take a look at the Corbeau Forza Racing Seat, one of the very most popular racing seats we sell on Racing-Seats-USA.Com! The Forza is a fixed-back racing seat with bolsters for lateral support in the thigh, kidney, and shoulder regions. It features a strong, light-weight, powder-coated steel tube frame inside and Corbeau’s bottom-mounting system underneath meaning you can use one of the Corbeau Custom-Mount seat brackets available on Racing-Seats-USA.Com to bolt this seat directly into virtually any year, make, and model vehicle built in the last 30 years.

The Corbeau Forza works in a broad range of applications. It is ideal on the street if the ability to recline is not a necessity. It is a great entry-level racing seat, weighing only 19 pounds and is popular for offroad vehicles too. The Forza is perfect for gamers, who will find that this seat adds a new level of realism to racing simulations.

The Corbeau Forza is available in black cloth, as seen here and also in red or blue cloth, black microsuede, or black vinyl. All come with the high-wear patches you see here. It suits drivers up to about 36” in waist size or a wide version is also available for drivers up to about 42” in waist size. Be sure to check the dimensions of the Corbeau Forza on Racing-Seats-USA.Com to make sure that it will fit into your vehicle.

That’s all the time we have for now. Be sure to join us again on CyberAuto TV Where we bring performance to you!

Corbeau Forza Racing Seat

Chris Myer Presents the Corbeau Forza Racing Seat

Video: Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat

By Chris Myer

Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat Video Transcript:

Hey, Welcome to another episode of CyberAuto TV! Today we’re going to take a look at the Corbeau FX1 racing seat, one of the most cost-effective track-ready racing seats available today. This lightweight, fixed-back composite racing seat weighs in at only 19 pounds and has accomodations for both sidemount and bottom mount brackets. The FX1 features harness slots for 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-point harnesses and comes in three sizes. The standard FX1 suits drivers up to about 38 inches in waist size. The smaller FX1 Pro is designed for especially small cockpits and accommodates drivers up to about 36 inches in waist size.

For larger car and driver combinations, a wide version is available that will work with drivers up to about 42 inches in waist size. As always, you can find the dimensions of the FX1 on Racing-Seats-USA.Com so you can confirm its suitability in your vehicle.

The seat you see here is an FX1 Pro in black cloth. The Pro version is also available with a red or blue center insert as well as the high-grip black microsuede material. The standard FX1 is available in black or red and the wide version in black only.

Making the choice between installation with sidemount and bottom-mount brackets is pretty easy. Sidemount brackets are best for pure racing applications where a single driver can securely set the seat position.

For multiple drivers or where the ability to move the seat back and forward is required a bottom-mount bracket is the better choice. And if you’re into racing simulations consider getting the FX1 with the optional gaming base to give you a realistic racing experience. Sidemount brackets, bottom-mount seat brackets, and gaming bases are all available at Racing-Seats-USA.Com.

That’s all the time we have for now. If you’ve enjoyed this video, consider sharing it on Facebook and subscribing to this YouTube channel. Be sure to join us again on CyberAuto TV, Where we bring performance to you!

Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat

Chris Myer presenting the Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat

Video: Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat

By Chris Myer

Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat Video Transcript:

Welcome to CyberAuto TV! Today we’re going to take a look at the Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat, a high-end touring car seat. The LG1 is a great seat for individuals who want show car looks but are not willing to sacrifice performance. The LG1 provides a relatively broad seating platform in what is overall a relatively narrow seat. It may be a bit wide for the smallest sports cars but the standard-width LG1 is narrow enough to fit the C5 Corvette with some accommodations. Be sure to compare the space in your vehicle to the dimensions shown on Racing-Seats-USA.Com to ensure the LG1 will fit in your car. The standard-width version of the LG1 will suit drivers up to about 38 inches in waist size and there is a wide version that is appropriate for drivers up to about 42 inches in waist size.

The LG1 is a reclining seat with a tough steel tube-frame interior comfortable padding, and moderate side bolstering. It is super-comfortable and not as difficult to get into and out of as seats with taller side bolstering in the thigh region. Still, customers find this seat to provide adequate support for sporty street driving and light track work. Take a look at the reviews provided on Racing-Seats-USA.Com to see what buyers think of this seat.

Because this seat is primarily used on the street it features harness slots for 3- and 4-point harnesses. When ordering, it is also possible to have the slot added for an anti-submarine belt. If you’re in a cold climate you should consider the optional seat heaters that Corbeau offers and the optional lumbar support is never a bad idea if you expect to find yourself spending longer periods in this seat.

The Corbeau LG1 is available in broad range of colors and materials. The one you see here is finished in black cloth with a black center but it is also available with a blue or red cloth center. If you’re looking for an especially nice seat consider ordering your LG1 in either microsuede or genuine leather to add an exceptional look to your vehicle. You can browse all of the color combinations and ordering options of the Corbeau LG1 on Racing-Seats-USA.Com.

The LG1 features Corbeau’s bottom-mounting system which means you can use one of the hundreds of Vehicle-specific brackets to make the LG1 a direct bolt-in on your car, truck, or SUV.

That’s all the time we have for now. If you’ve enjoyed this video, consider sharing it on Facebook and subscribing to our YouTube channel. Be sure to join us again on CyberAuto TV where we bring performance to you!

Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat

Chris Myer Presents the Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat

Video: Comparing Corbeau Single- and Double-Locking Sliders

By Chris Myer

Comparing Corbeau Sliders Video Transcript:

Welcome to CyberAuto TV! Some of you have asked us to do an episode on The differences between the single- And double-locking Corbeau brackets. Well, here is that episode! This Corbeau Custom Bracket will allow you To bolt any Corbeau bottom-mount seat Directly into a 78-98 Ford Mustang. Like any Corbeau custom bracket It comes standard with the single-locking slider you see here. You can recognize this as a single-locker Because this side slides freely, While you have to use this lever to move the other side. Once the seat is mounted, these will obviously slide together But will only be locked in place by the one side.

Here we have the components to turn a Corbeau custom-mount bracket into double-locking version. You can see the locking mechanisms on both of these sliders And it requires this U-shaped bracket To unlock them simultaneously So that the seat can be slid from front to rear.

If you have a Corbeau Custom Bracket With single-locking sliders It is possible to buy just these components at Racing-Seats-USA.Com And convert your bracket to a double locker. Simply remove the four Grade-5 Fasteners Using a 7/16” ratchet and combination wrench Swap the sliders, install the unlocking handle And you’re done! Of course, it is much easier And far more cost effective To simply order your Corbeau Custom Bracket With the optional Double-Locking Sliders As you see here. Besides saving you a bit of work The cost of the upgrade is less than half The cost of the double-locking components if purchased separately.

Personally, I have never heard of a case Where a Corbeau single-locking slider Failed to lock the seat in place when correctly engaged. However, if you are using your Corbeau Seat For sanctioned racing or aggressive offroad driving The small cost of upgrading is worth The confidence gained at the race track, rock climbing event, or whatever your venue of choice might be. I hope this has been helpful! If you think of any other Automotive Performance questions that would be best solved by video, leave a comment And be sure to subscribe So you’ll be notified of more videos. Thanks again for visiting CyberAuto TV Where we bring performance to you!

Comparing Corbeau Single- and Double-Locking Sliders

Chris Myer Demonstrates Corbeau Single- and Double-Locking Sliders