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Video: Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat

By Chris Myer

Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat Transcript:

Welcome to CyberAuto TV! In this episode we’re going to take a look at this beautiful Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat and learn what makes this seat so incredibly popular both on the street and offroad.

Let’s jump right into things by taking a closer look underneath the XRS. To start with, the XRS is a suspension seat. The frame of the seat is heavy-duty steel tubing, and the occupant is literally suspended inside the seat by the military-grade suspension cords you see here. If that sounds comfortable, just wait until you sit in this seat. And take a look at the multiple mounting holes. The XRS includes mounting points for Corbeau’s custom-mount brackets. Adding these to your order allows you to bolt the XRS into virtually any year-make-or-model vehicle built in the last 50 years.

But since this seat is popular in the offroad market, Corbeau decided to increase the value for Jeep owners. These other holes allow you to bolt the XRS directly to the stock brackets in most CJ7’s and all YJ’s without the need for a bracket or adapter of any kind. The XRS also features this convenient map pouch in the seat back, which can help avoid unmanly direction-asking by those who have not yet acquired a GPS.

Suspension seats are not new for Corbeau. They have long dominated the suspension seat market with their popular Baja family of seats. The difference with the Baja XRS is that it is a reclining suspension seat. This means you get all of the benefit of suspension seating and still can select your seat back position from roughly 90 to almost 180 degrees.

The Corbeau Baja XRS is available in Black Vinyl with a Black Cloth Center as you see here, or in all Black Vinyl. Like most other Corbeau seats, it can be special-ordered in your choice of colors and materials, including leather, for an additional charge. Seat heaters, adjustable lumbar, and even anti-submarine harness slots are all available on the XRS as well. Visit Racing-Seats-USA.Com to learn more.

Regardless of your intended application, be sure to download the Baja XRS seat dimensions on Racing-Seats-USA.Com and compare them to the available space in your vehicle to ensure that they will fit. Remember that suspension seats will sit taller than your worn out stock seat, so consider both personal head-room as well as leg-room under the steering wheel.

If you’re not sure the Baja XRS is the right suspension seat for you, look at the other seats in Corbeau’s Baja line on Racing-Seats-USA such as the SS, JP, or RS. Or, if you don’t require a suspension seat, a seat like the Corbeau A4 or CR1 may be more to your liking.

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Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat

Chris Myer Presents the Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat

Video: Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat

By Chris Myer

Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat Video Transcript:

Welcome to CyberAuto TV! In this video we’re going to do a bit of a classic rewind as we take a look at the Corbeau Baja SS. This seat is no rookie, but the perfect balance of great price, incredible comfort, and classic looks makes it continue to be a best seller year after year.

One noteworthy feature of the Baja SS is that the cover is easily removeable. Besides allowing you to easily and inexpensively restore this seat’s factory freshness years down the road, it also allows us to see how the Baja is put together. Let’s take a look.

Flipping the seat over and loosening the cover, we see that the seat is built on a solid steel tube frame overlaid with an intricate nylon suspension system, sort of like a hammock. On top of that is durable foam padding, not only on the inside but also on the outside of the tube frame to help protect the cover. Also visible are the slots for the harness belts, including the anti-submarine harness slot. Obviously, this seat is built for business. Plus it is super light—all of this comfort and protection only weighs 15 pounds.

One of the biggest differences between the Baja SS and the rest of the Corbeau line are the seat mounts. This seat was designed to allow the SS to be mounted to a sand rail or other home-built with a minimum of effort. But if that’s not your goal, don’t worry. Corbeau sells an adapter that lets you bolt one of their vehicle- specific seat brackets directly to the SS. Corbeau took special consideration of Jeep owners by designing inexpensive adapters that allow the SS to be bolted directly to the factory bracket in the CJ, YJ, and TJ. To see more pictures of Corbeau Seats in Jeeps visit Racing-Seats-USA.Com.

Back up on top you can better see the classic styling that has made the SS popular in virtually every application. You can find these in offroad vehicles, classic muscle cars, boats, and RVs and even mounted to gaming bases in living rooms. The possibilities are endless. This seat will suit drivers up to about 36 inches in waist size, but the Baja Ultra Wide will fit drivers up to 44 inches.

Remember that fitting the driver is only half of the task. Go to Racing-Seats-USA.Com where you can download the seat dimensions to ensure that the seat will fit in your intended application. There you can see the other available options, including seat heaters and adjustable lumbar support.

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Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat

Chris Myer Presents the Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat

Suspension Seats Buyer’s Guide

By Chris Myer

This vehicle needs serious suspension seats!Some of you have heard the term “suspension seat” but what are suspension seats, exactly? A suspension seat is an absolute necessity when conducting serious off-road maneuvers in your truck, suspension, SUV, or rock-buggy. As the name implies, it suspends the driver in a web of bungy-type suspension chords, attractively and comfortable overlaid in top-of-the-line seating material. The effect of this suspension is to reduce the g-force of the impacts that your body absorbs by an order of magnitude or more.

For serious offroaders, a suspension seat is not an option–it is absolutely mandatory. Just as road-race driver would never dream of competing in a stock automotive seat, an off-road driver needs a high-quality suspension seat such as these manufactured by Corbeau to maximize their driving experience. Besides being drastically more comfortable, the suspension seat make the experience safer by translating the the attitude of the vehicle to his body while allowing him or her to focus on piloting the vehicle–rather than trying to hold themselves upright.

When selecting a suspension seat, we only recommend Corbeau. Corbeau makes the finest suspension seats available. The phrase “truck racing seat” doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. Consider these:

Corbeau Suspension Seats

Corbeau Baja XRS Suspension Seat Baja XRS Suspension Seat: Looking for Corbeau’s newest and most advanced suspension seat? The Baja XRS Suspension Seat is it! Reclining, suspension technology, plus injection molding make this the new rage of the suspension seat market! Fits drivers up to 42″ waist.
Corbeau Baja RS Suspension Seat Baja RS Suspension Seat: The Baja RS is the new champion of Corbeau suspension seats. It is the first suspension seat from Corbeau to offer a reclining option! It fits waist sizes up to 44″, meaning is is comfortable for nearly everyone. This seat is available in black vinyl w/ black cloth center section.
Baja JP Suspension Seat Baja JP Suspension Seat: This great seat features the suspension seat protection of the Baja SS. A great looking, great performing seat that will fit any offroad vehicle with a Corbeau custom bracket and is a direct bolt-in to CJ5, CJ7, and YJ Jeeps. Low side bolsters make this perfect for highly lifted vehicles or large drivers/passengers.
Baja XP Suspension Seat Baja XP Suspension Seat: Suspension Seats simply don’t get any more extreme than this. The new Baja XP Suspension Seat is designed for enthusiasts who require the maximum seat for their vehicle. Radical bolstering, full-on suspension, and incredible looks. Are you ready for this seat?
Corbeau Baja SS Suspension Seat Baja SS Suspension Seat: The Baja SS is a perfect place to start when you’re looking for an economically-priced Suspension Seat. It will support drivers and passengers with up to 36″-38″ waist. This seat is available in nine different color/material combinations, including Black Vinyl, Black Vinyl w/ Black, Yellow, Blue and Red Cloth, Grey Vinyl, Grey Vinyl/Cloth, Tan Vinyl, and Tan Vinyl/Cloth.
Corbeau Ultra SS Suspension Seat Ultra SS Suspension Seat: The Ultra SS is the big-brother to the Baja SS Suspension Seat. In addition to being 4″ taller for additional head-and-neck support, the Ultra SS is available in a wide version that is a better fit for drivers up to 40″-42″. The Ultra SS is available in Black Vinyl w/ Black Cloth and Grey Vinyl w/ Grey Cloth.
Corbeau Baja SS Bench-Style Suspension Seat Baja SS Bench-Style Suspension Seat: The Baja SS Bench is a perfect complement to Corbeau bucket suspension seats. Don’t make your passengers absorb all the bumps, let them experience the same comfortable ride as you. 36″ wide and available in Black Vinyl, Black Vinyl/Cloth, Grey Vinyl, and Grey Vinyl/Cloth.

8 Things to look for in a suspension seat:

  • Suspension design
  • Top Quality Material and Construction
  • Wide selection of colors and materials
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Reinforced nylon inner liner
  • Military grade suspension cords
  • Integrated full body support
  • 5-point harness capability

Does the suspension seat the you’re considering include all of these features? Why cut corners on that part of the off road vehicle that means the very most to your body? Install a Corbeau-brand seat in your off road vehicle!