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Leather Seats

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Corbeau A4 Black Leather Seats

Corbeau A4 Black Leather Seats

Having been the Internet’s leading resource for high quality car seats for nearly 15 years, there are a few things we can say without reservation. One is this: When it comes to seat materials there is nothing that beats leather. The look, the feel, the ability to resist wear and spills, even the smell when you get in a car with leather seats make it the best. Unfortunately, some buyers do not consider leather seats because of price concerns.  Racing-Seats-USA offers a broad selection of seats available in leather and there are leather seat models for every taste and budget.  Thank you for joining me on this quick tour of  leather seats that you can find on Racing-Seats-USA.

Entry-Level Price With Race Styling

The Corbeau A4 in black leather (shown above) has a lot to like in what is a very reasonably-priced leather seat. The cloth version of this seat is hugely popular among customers who are looking for an aggressively sporty profile with passages for a multi-point harness and bolstering in the thigh and lower back region. But when you add leather, the A4 takes on an entirely different dimension. Suddenly a car that looked at home trackside or at a local enthusiast meet now gains comfort in a more refined concours setting. And at a price that is incredibly reasonable. Similar to the CR1 in styling and pricing but with a slightly wider stance is the Corbeau CR1 Black Leather Seat.

Leather Seats With Traditional Styling

Corbeau Sport Seat Black Leather

Corbeau Sport Seat Black Leather

Maybe a racing seat isn’t what you are looking for–certainly, not everyone is. And that is why the Corbeau Sport Seat is also a big seller. The Sport Seat is perfect for those individuals who are not looking to add a set of racing harnesses to their car, truck, or SUV. Fully reclining and with adjustable headrest, this seat offers all of the features you expect in a top quality automotive seat. But, as with the A4, when you add leather, it takes on a whole new personality. As soon as you slide into the Sport Seat’s comfortable yet solid grip and smell the fragrance of tanned leather, you know you’ve arrived. If you like this seat but desire a bit more bolstering, consider the Corbeau GTS II Black Leather Seat.

Leather Seats For Bigger Drivers

Corbeau VX2000 Black Leather Seat

Corbeau VX2000 Black Leather Seat

Ok, let’s face it: Not everyone who wants a leather seat is this svelte 20-year-old who doesn’t mind sitting hours at a time in a highly-bolstered, confining racing seat. Sometimes you just need a seat you can be yourself in. And the Corbeau VX2000 Black Leather Seat is just that seat. Comfortable for drivers of any size, this seat suits drivers up to 42-44 inches in waist size.

But you’re not giving up a single thing by going to the VX2000. This full-reclining seat has head-turning styling and features harness-belt pass-throughs in the event you need those. In fact, this seat is unique among the many excellent tube-frame reclining seats that we offer in that is has an injection-molded composite back. If you are looking for a leather racing seat but don’t want to be restricted by dimensions that don’t fit, give the VX2000 a look.

Leather Seats from Sparco

Sparco R600 Black Leather Seat

Sparco R600 Black Leather Seat

When you are going for top-of-the-line, when budget takes a back seat to European styling, when the biggest brand name matters, then go for Sparco. The Sparco R600 Black Leather Seat is handcrafted in Italy and features a modern design that is bold yet understated, sleek yet subtle, and without peer in its class. Sparco has replaced the notchy lever-style reclining mechanism with a smooth, continuously adjustable knob that sets you exactly where you want. It is an engineering masterpiece. Whether you are building a show-quality European touring car or if you simply demand something more from your seat, the Sparco R600 in Black Leather will not disappoint.

Shopping for Leather Seats

Leather seat Filter SelectionIf you’ve ever tried to shop for leather seats on any other website then you know what a challenge that can be.  Because leather is such a big part of our business, we sought to make this process a lot less challenging. That is why we added seat material as a filter for our seat offerings. This means you can view all reclining seats and then narrow the selection to just those seats that are available in leather.  So, by making the box check shown at right, you can produce the results shown below:

Reclining leather seats available at Racing-Seats-USA.

Reclining leather seats available at Racing-Seats-USA.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of leather seats on Racing-Seats-USA. Please drop me a note below and let me know what you think.

Video: Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat

By Chris Myer

Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat Video Transcript:

Welcome to CyberAuto TV! Today we’re going to take a look at the Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat, a high-end touring car seat. The LG1 is a great seat for individuals who want show car looks but are not willing to sacrifice performance. The LG1 provides a relatively broad seating platform in what is overall a relatively narrow seat. It may be a bit wide for the smallest sports cars but the standard-width LG1 is narrow enough to fit the C5 Corvette with some accommodations. Be sure to compare the space in your vehicle to the dimensions shown on Racing-Seats-USA.Com to ensure the LG1 will fit in your car. The standard-width version of the LG1 will suit drivers up to about 38 inches in waist size and there is a wide version that is appropriate for drivers up to about 42 inches in waist size.

The LG1 is a reclining seat with a tough steel tube-frame interior comfortable padding, and moderate side bolstering. It is super-comfortable and not as difficult to get into and out of as seats with taller side bolstering in the thigh region. Still, customers find this seat to provide adequate support for sporty street driving and light track work. Take a look at the reviews provided on Racing-Seats-USA.Com to see what buyers think of this seat.

Because this seat is primarily used on the street it features harness slots for 3- and 4-point harnesses. When ordering, it is also possible to have the slot added for an anti-submarine belt. If you’re in a cold climate you should consider the optional seat heaters that Corbeau offers and the optional lumbar support is never a bad idea if you expect to find yourself spending longer periods in this seat.

The Corbeau LG1 is available in broad range of colors and materials. The one you see here is finished in black cloth with a black center but it is also available with a blue or red cloth center. If you’re looking for an especially nice seat consider ordering your LG1 in either microsuede or genuine leather to add an exceptional look to your vehicle. You can browse all of the color combinations and ordering options of the Corbeau LG1 on Racing-Seats-USA.Com.

The LG1 features Corbeau’s bottom-mounting system which means you can use one of the hundreds of Vehicle-specific brackets to make the LG1 a direct bolt-in on your car, truck, or SUV.

That’s all the time we have for now. If you’ve enjoyed this video, consider sharing it on Facebook and subscribing to our YouTube channel. Be sure to join us again on CyberAuto TV where we bring performance to you!

Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat

Chris Myer Presents the Corbeau LG1 Racing Seat

Video: Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat

By Chris Myer

Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat Transcript:

Welcome to CyberAuto TV! In this episode we’re going to take a look at this beautiful Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat and learn what makes this seat so incredibly popular both on the street and offroad.

Let’s jump right into things by taking a closer look underneath the XRS. To start with, the XRS is a suspension seat. The frame of the seat is heavy-duty steel tubing, and the occupant is literally suspended inside the seat by the military-grade suspension cords you see here. If that sounds comfortable, just wait until you sit in this seat. And take a look at the multiple mounting holes. The XRS includes mounting points for Corbeau’s custom-mount brackets. Adding these to your order allows you to bolt the XRS into virtually any year-make-or-model vehicle built in the last 50 years.

But since this seat is popular in the offroad market, Corbeau decided to increase the value for Jeep owners. These other holes allow you to bolt the XRS directly to the stock brackets in most CJ7’s and all YJ’s without the need for a bracket or adapter of any kind. The XRS also features this convenient map pouch in the seat back, which can help avoid unmanly direction-asking by those who have not yet acquired a GPS.

Suspension seats are not new for Corbeau. They have long dominated the suspension seat market with their popular Baja family of seats. The difference with the Baja XRS is that it is a reclining suspension seat. This means you get all of the benefit of suspension seating and still can select your seat back position from roughly 90 to almost 180 degrees.

The Corbeau Baja XRS is available in Black Vinyl with a Black Cloth Center as you see here, or in all Black Vinyl. Like most other Corbeau seats, it can be special-ordered in your choice of colors and materials, including leather, for an additional charge. Seat heaters, adjustable lumbar, and even anti-submarine harness slots are all available on the XRS as well. Visit Racing-Seats-USA.Com to learn more.

Regardless of your intended application, be sure to download the Baja XRS seat dimensions on Racing-Seats-USA.Com and compare them to the available space in your vehicle to ensure that they will fit. Remember that suspension seats will sit taller than your worn out stock seat, so consider both personal head-room as well as leg-room under the steering wheel.

If you’re not sure the Baja XRS is the right suspension seat for you, look at the other seats in Corbeau’s Baja line on Racing-Seats-USA such as the SS, JP, or RS. Or, if you don’t require a suspension seat, a seat like the Corbeau A4 or CR1 may be more to your liking.

We’ve covered the Baja XRS but don’t go yet! Encourage us by clicking on the “Like” button on this video or sharing it on your Facebook page. And if you’ve not done it already, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss a single episode of CyberAuto TV, where we bring performance to you!

Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat

Chris Myer Presents the Corbeau Baja XRS Racing Seat

Racing Seats Buyer’s Guide

By Chris Myer

There are essentially four easy steps in the seat buying process:

•Step 1: Select a Racing Seat Style That Suits Your Needs
•Step 2: Pick a Racing Seat That Fits Your Car
•Step 3: Pick a Seat That Fits You
•Step 4: Buy a Seat Bracket

Step 1: Select a Racing Seat Style That Suits Your Needs

For purposes of this discussion, let’s break racing seat styles down as follows:

Shop Reclining Seats

Shop Fixed-Back Seats

Shop Suspension Seats

Shop Bench Seats
Reclining Seats Fixed-Back Seats Suspension Seats Bench Seats
These are ideal for the street car that wants to make a powerful statement without compromising comfort. Doing some serious racing? These are your choice. Look here too if you are restoring a historic car or completing a kit that needs a classic bucket seat. Including Jeep seats and offroad seats. Nobody knows more about them than Corbeau. Find the performance and comfort you demand for your offroad adventure. Hey, why not? Sometimes a bench seat is exactly what is required. And nobody has a finer selection of bench seats than Corbeau.

Racing Seats USA makes it easy to select the right style of seat. Simply go to Shop By Style and select the style you prefer. If you are looking for a specific brand or use then you can also Shop By Brand or Shop By Use.

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Step 2: Pick a Racing Seat That Fits Your Car

Racing Seats Vehicle Fitment Post Video LinkRead below or check out this handy video post on vehicle fitment

Corbeau Seat DimensionsThis is generally only a big deal if you have a small car, but if you get a seat that won’t fit you will not be happy. So, unless you’re putting your racing Seats into a very large car or truck, you should do a few quick measurements. Corbeau seats have 5 measurements, as shown in the image at left. Other brands provide similar measurements. Take a tape measure, jump in your car and get an idea of the available space. The most important measurements are the bottom width and the shoulder width.

Measuring Available Shoulder Width

First, find the very center of your stock seat at shoulder height. Do this by measuring the width of the stock seat at the shoulders and then finding the spot half-way across the seat. This is your starting point. Now, with the door fully closed and the window up, measure from this point out to the window. That is half, so double that number. This is the maximum available shoulder width. We recommend you find a seat that is at least 1-2 inches more narrow. This is important since the location of the shoulder on different seats is at different heights, and you may not have as much room with the aftermarket racing seat.

Measuring Available Bottom Width

With the door closed, measure the narrowest width from the door panel to the center console. This measurement represents the widest seat bottom that will fit in your car. Select a seat that is at least 1 inch more narrow than this to be safe.

You will notice that we provide a diagram similar to the one above for every racing seat we sell. Now that you have the measurements you can compare the seats you like to your available space. Also, each section page provides a filter to reduce the seats shown to those that are wider, typical, or more narrow than the rest. Here are a few more pointers:

  • Aftermarket racing seats are usually taller than stock seats – Most high quality aftermarket seats are thicker in the bottom than the stock seat, so you’ll sit a little bit taller. If you already have head clearance issues you may need to consider the custom seat shaving service that Corbeau provides. They can remove, shave approximately 1 inch and replace the padding in the bottom of the seat. When you are ready to order your seat call and mention this when ordering.
  • Fixed Back Seats are not usually a good match for standard-cab pickup trucks – Fixed back seats come with a pre-set layback angle. Often, the rear window and cab wall require these seats to be installed too close to the steering wheel for most drivers. We recommend a reclining seat for standard-cab pickup trucks.

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Step 3: Pick a Seat That Fits You

Is your midsection diameter 34″ or smaller? Great–you can skip to the next section. If you are over 34″ you will need to read on. With most racing seat descriptions on this website we offer guidelines for how big a driver will be comfortable in that seat. For other brands, the guidance is limited to suggesting that the seat is a better fit for a small, medium, or large drivers. Even the waist size suggestions can’t strictly be compared to your pant size. Man men, in particular, are able to fit into one size pant and then carry far more weight just above that point. Don’t kid yourself here, it is your comfort that is at stake. Measure yourself at the broadest part of your midsection. If you enjoy a snug fit and are not spending hours at a time in the car then a slightly smaller seat may work. But we recommend that you get as much seat as the manufacturer recommends for your size. Other tips:

  • Consider the bolsters – Bolsters are the padding at the thigh and back that keep the driver securely centered in the car during high G-Force maneuvers. A tall bolster is going to be more limiting for bigger passengers. It can also be challenging for handicapped drivers when entering and exiting the seat. This is especially true on a tall vehicle like a 4WD truck.
  • Don’t forget your passenger’s needs – If you are small and it is at all likely that you will have some not-so-small passengers riding with you, you may want to consider a larger seat. This is particularly true if that person will be riding with you frequently or over longer distances.

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Step 4: Buy a Seat Bracket

Corbeau Seat DimensionsAftermarket seats come with either bottom mounting points, side mounting points, or both. Seat brackets are available to allow bottom-mounted seats to bolt directly into most year/make/model combinations. This is definitely the way to go. Unbolt your old seats, bolt the bottom-moun racing seat to the bracket and the entire assembly directly into your car. Too easy!

Racing Seats with side mounting points present additional benefits and challenges. By placing the mounting points on the side of the seat, it allows the seat to be positioned as low as possible, physically touching the surface on which it is being mounted. And it is possible to use a sidemount seat with a bottom-mount bracket by attaching the seat to the bottom-mount brackets with a set of sidemount brackets. This allows you to take advantage of the ease of installation even on sidemount-style seats. View the entire list of Racing Seat Brackets here!

While the paragraph above covers 90% of our customers, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Mounting Baja SS, Ultra SS, Baja Low-Back and Baja XP Seats – These seats are unique in that Corbeau designed them with four vertical mounting tabs. This makes them especially well-suited to custom applications like a sand rail or rock crawler. However, this is one of our best-selling seats for ALL applications. A special adapter is an available option when ordering that allows these seats to be used with the entire range of Corbeau custom brackets.
  • Mounting Corbeau Seats in Jeeps® – Corbeau obviously has a special spot in their hearts for Jeep owners. While any Corbeau seat can be mounted into Jeep applications using a custom bracket, some of the Corbeau line are manufactured so they can be mounted directly into the Jeep CJ and YJ without the purchase of a bracket, including the Baja JP, the Baja RS, the Moab, and the Safari Bench Seat. They also offer direct fit adapters for the Baja SS, Ultra SS, and the Baja Bench Seats.

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