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Video: Racing Seat Sizing and Fitment

By Jesse Bliss

This video was produced using our earlier website design. We hope to re-shoot this video soon with the newer website, but all of the information here is still just as useful as ever.

Racing Seat Sizing and Fitment Video Transcript:

One of the frequently asked questions here at Racing Seats USA is whether or not a seat will fit in a particular vehicle. While we do know the fitment details of a few of the more common vehicles we may not know your particular vehicles fitment details. In our Corbeau product line alone, there are over 1000 vehicle applications available. In order to assist our customers with fitment we provide seat dimensions on all of our seat product pages.

Let’s take a look at an example. Let’s say we owned a Chevy Corvette and want to know whether or not the Corbeau A4 will fit. We first navigate the the Corbeau A4 product page. On the Corbeau A4 product page we’ll want to click on the word “Dimensions” just to the right of the descriptions tab. Here we can see seat dimensions provided for all the available seat models. We would then want to compare these dimensions against our stock seats. Since the Corbeau A4 is 19.5 inches wide at the base we would want to make sure that nineteen and a half is smaller or the same size as their stock seat. We would then repeat this dimensions comparison for the widest point. On the A4 the widest point is the 21.5 inches at the shoulders. Don’t forget to check the seat’s overall height and depth. This should provide you with a very accurate fitment.

It’s important to remember that Corbeau seat brackets are designed to mimic original seat height. As with all seats, please keep in mind that your overall riding height will be within a one-inch range. That’s one inch higher, or lower, than stock height. As always, feel free to contact us via our contact page, live chat or toll-free phone number at 1-800-880-0960. Thank you.

Racing seat sizing and fitment

Narrator Jesse Bliss reviewing racing seat sizing and fitment.


  1. June 25, 2019    

    Trying to buy seats and seat brackets (if needed) for a 99 BMW Z3 convertible roadster. Do you have recommendation on what fits? Car is driven often with some SCCA events on the weekends. Its not a full on race car.

    • June 25, 2019    

      Hello William,
      I am really fond of the Corbeau A4 especially for a smaller vehicle, due to the option to shave the seat for some added head room. Each of our vehicle specific brackets(Corbeau, Sparco, and Planted) have a listing for a BMW Z3 Coupe in the drop-down menu for that year. Because we do not have a database for the many different vehicles available in regards to measurements it is always recommended that you compare the measurements of your vehicle to determine fitment.

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